Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth

by Paul A. LaViolette

A 2011 update of his original 1983 Ph.D. dissertation
(technical background for his book
Earth Under Fire)

A computer readable CD in pdf format

Starlane Publications, Niskayuna, NY, 2003

ISBN 0-9642025-6-5

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Extragalactic Evidence Supporting the
                 Superwave Model: Toward a General Theory
                 of Galactic Outbursts

   2.1  Evidence of Superwave Activity in Active Galactic Nuclei
   2.2  Evidence of Superwave Activity in Inactive Spiral Galaxies
   2.3  Cosmic Procreation
   2.4  Activity in the Core of Our Galaxy
   2.5  Cosmic Benchmarks

Chapter 3 - Modeling the Hypothesized 14,200 Years BP

   3.1  Generation
   3.2  Propagation
   3.3  Arrival
   3.4  Present Effect

Chapter 4 - Evidence of Recent Activity in the Galactic
                 Nucleus and Disk

   4.1  The Inhomogeneous Distribution of Hot Dust and Ionized
          Gas Within 6 Light Years of the Galactic Center
   4.2  Expanding Clouds of Ionized Neon and the Propagating
          Ring of Neutral Oxygen Gas
   4.3  The Radially Expanding Molecular Ring Cloud
   4.4  Neutral Hydrogen Arm-like Ejections
   4.5  The Violent Interstellar Medium
   4.6  The Interstellar Wind
   4.7  Planetary Evidence

Chapter 5 - Evidence of the Presence of the 14,200 Years
                 BP Event Horizon

   5.1  The Galactic Radio Background Radiation
   5.2  The Distribution of Young Supernova Remnants
   5.3  The Crab Nebula
   5.4  The Casseopeia A Remnant
   5.5  The Extragalactic Supernovae SN 1970g and SN 1979c

Chapter 6 - The Superwave Event Horizons of the
                 Middle and Late Holocene

   6.1  The Energetic Activity on the 6000 BP Superwave
          Event Horizon
   6.2  A 393 AD Superwave?

Chapter 7
- Paleomagnetic Evidence

   7.1  Geomagnetic Reversals and Excursions
   7.2  The Gothenburg Geomagnetic Excursion
   7.3  Geomagnetic Excursions of the Current and
          Previous Interglacials

Chapter 8 - The Glacial Record

   8.1  The Glacial Climatic Record
   8.2  Dust in Glacial Ice
   8.3  Cosmic Dust in Glacial Ice
   8.4  Cosmogenic Beryllium Variations
   8.5  The Volcanic Ash Record of the Byrd Ice Core

Chapter 9 - The Sedimentary Record

   9.1  Correlations of Three Climatic Profiles
   9.2  The Abrupt Nature of Major Climatic Change
   9.3  Glacial Retreat and the Terminal Pleistocene Flood

Chapter 10 - The Terminal Pleistocene Extinction

   10.1  In Search of a Cause
   10.2  The Drift Phenomenon
   10.3  The Glacier Wave Effect
   10.4  Dating the Megafaunal Extinctions

Chapter 11 - Recurrent Galactic Superwaves and
                   the Evolution of Life

   11.1  Quantum Speciation
   11.2  Extraterrestrial Extinction Hypothesis in in Review

Chapter 12 - Testing the Galactic Explosion

   12.1  Neutron Activation Analysis of Dust from Glacial Ice:
            Camp Century and Byrd Station Deep Ice Cores
   12.2  Other Neutron Activiation Analysis Tests

Chapter 13 - Conclusion