Paper Archive



Stationary dissipative solitons of Model G (Intl. J. General Systems, 2013)

The cosmic ether: Introduction to subquantum kinetics

Prediction of the nucleon charge distribution (Intl. J. General Systems, 2008)

 Is the universe really expanding? (Astrophysical Journal, 1986)

 Photon blueshifting/planetary-stellar mass-luminosity relation (Physics Essays, 1992)

 The matter of creation (Physics Essays, 1994)

 Early prediction of the Pioneer effect (Physics Essays, 2005)

Violation of the First Law (IECEC Conference Proceedings, 1991)

Tracing the origins of subquantum kinetics (2008)


 Summary of the galactic superwave theory (Earth, Moon, Planets, 1987)

 The discovery of cosmic dust in ice age polar ice (Meteoritics, 1983, 1985)

 Regarding the validity of polar trace metal data: A response (Monthly Notices, 1988)

 Galactic core explosions and the evolution of life (Anthropos, 1990)

 Anticipation of the Ulysses interstellar dust findings (Eos, 1993)

 Confirming evidence that the Pleistocene extinction had an extraterrestrial cause (2008)

Evidence for a solar cause of the Pleistocene mass extinction (2009)

 Periodic solar cycle acidity variations in ice age polar ice (Planetary & Space Sci, 2005)

 Evidence for global warming at the end of the ice age (2005)

A galactic superwave hazard alert (Nexus Magazine, 2001, German Nexus, 2009)

Aerospace Propulsion Technology

 Letter to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board describing a technology that could avoid future space shuttle accidents (2003)

 The U.S. Antigravity Squadron (1993)
    A more up to date version of this paper with diagrams is published in Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.

 Proposal to NASA: Electrogravitics -- An energy efficient means for spacecraft propulsion (1990)

Alternative Energy Technology

Construction and testing of a high efficiency solar water still (2005)

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Evidence that radio pulsars may be artificial beacons of ETI origin (AAS meeting, 2000)

Are pulsars evidenceo of astro-engineered signaling systems (Zeitlin, New Frontiers in Science, 2001)