Does the Galactic Center Affect ESP Ability?

   Researchers at the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory in Palo Alto have found that a person's extrasensory perception ability is strongly influenced by his or her orientation relative to the star background field. In particular, in a paper published in The Journal of Scientific Exploration, Dr. James Spottiswoode reports that a clairvoyant's effectiveness in conducting remote viewing was completely null when the Galactic center was at the zenith, a period corresponding to between 17.5 hours and 20 hours local sidereal time (LST). The Galactic center is at the zenith at 17.75 hours LST. The diagram shown below is reproduced from figure 3 of their paper. Also they found that a clairvoyant's effectiveness, which they plot vertically as a quantity they call "effect size" reached a maximum around 13.5 hours LST in the form of a broad peak extending from 12 hours to 14.5 hours LST during which effectiveness increased about 400 percent. This corresponds to a time when the Galaxy's north pole is at the zenith, galactic north being situated in the Coma Bernices constellation about 30° north of Virgo. This study analyzed remote viewing data gathered over a period of 20 years.


ESP Effectiveness (mean effect size) Versus Local Sidereal Time for a 20 Year Data Set (from J. Spottiswoode, Journal Scientific Exploration, figure 3).

   In addition, in another paper, Dr. James Spottiswoode and Dr. Edwin May found that during the Coma Bernices/Virgo maximum ESP effectiveness was negatively correlated with solar wind speed, an indicator of solar activity. Thus when solar wind speed is at a maximum, indicative of increased solar activity, ESP clairvoyant effectiveness is reduced.
   As reported in Earth Under Fire, the human race nearly met with extinction at the end of the last ice age during a protracted terrestrial cataclysm that was triggered by the arrival of cosmic rays from an explosion of our Galaxy's core. Moreover by inducing cosmic dust to invade our solar system, this event caused our Sun's flaring activity (and solar wind velocity) to become extremely elevated to the point of initiating a global conflagration. Could the present inhibition of ESP ability during times of Galactic center ascension or times of increased solar wind velocity (increased solar activity) be due to the presence of an unconscious racial memory of this past tragedy?